Wedding Attire For Grooms

Wedding Attire For Grooms

It is not the bride alone that is expected and should be in top style on the wedding day. Indeed, so much fuss is made about the bride’s dress and other preparations around her that many people forget that the wedding is also very much about the groom and that he needs to look the part of a co- celebrant that he is as well.

Grooms, too, can have fun while choosing what to wear and how to wear it. The first step would be to decide the dress code for the event, after this, you would think of an outfit that fits the kind of wedding you want to have depending on the season and the dress code. Whatever you do, be sure not to outdress the bride.

Grooms have been known to be nonchalant about how they look on their wedding day. In this piece we will be dishing out fashion tips on how grooms can keep heads turning on their wedding day.

Deciding on Groom's Attire by Wedding Dress Code

The dress code or the type of mens wedding tuxedos you intend to have could help in deciding what attire you should wear for your wedding as the groom. Different outfits are fitting for conventional white tie or black tie weddings and even more unconventional attires are worn at bohemian weddings.

White Tie

This is a very formal type of wedding. Every item of apparel to be worn must be chosen with this dress code in mind. All details, as tiny as cufflinks or tie clips must be in alignment with the strict nature of this dress code. Traditionally, formal white tie attires include a tuxedo, a tailcoat and white colored clothing items like pique vest and bow tie.

Black Tie

Just like the white tie, black tie weddings are formal as well but with room for some creativity. Fabrics like a midnight blue tuxedo can be used to achieve a sophisticated or confident look. A black suit or tuxedo could also be used instead of a blue tuxedo. A black bow tie would also be a great complement for the outfit.

Formal or Black Tie Optional

Dark suits are the perfect fit for a formal or black optional wedding. Such dark suits include charcoal gray or navy suits which can be dressed up with a white shirt and a tie to match. They are excellent to get that elegant look that is not uptight like black tie attires. This outfit is perfect for wedding suits for men. The groom also has the opportunity to be creative with the outfit by finishing it up with a pair of sneakers.


This dress code connotes a casual setting. It is a flexible dress code that allows grooms to dress in a way that they are comfortable. It offers an opportunity for grooms to try out a more casual outfit for the  wedding. It affords them the privilege to feel comfortable to move around the wedding guests without feeling stiff but still look smart.

Semi- Formal or Dressy Casual

This dress code requires you to dress down the usually formal outfit like pairing a piece of suit jacket with chinos. Light materials such as flannel suit this look perfectly.


A casual wedding is no excuse to come out looking like a hobo. You need to dress casually because it is your wedding day, a memorable day. You must ensure that you wear something worthy of your status and standing. A blazer matched with chinos and sneakers will just be fine. Ensure that they are wrinkle free and not faded.

Deciding Groom's Attire By Season

The time of the year when the wedding will be held is an important factor in deciding what attire a groom should wear to his wedding. For example, it may be really uncomfortable for the groom to wear a strictly formal attire during the hot or warm weather. The season could also suggest the right colors that will fit the wedding and it is best to wear colors that compliment the bride’s dress. While you should go for lighter colors in a season like spring, timeless colors like navy blue or black can be worn at any time of the year.

When considering the season as a factor in deciding wedding attires for grooms, the location of the wedding should also be borne in mind. An indoor event may not be affected seriously by the weather. On the other hand, if the wedding will be held outdoors, especially in a really open place like a beach or a mountain, it would be best to wear something more formal and with not so light materials to withstand the cold wind. You could play down the formality to suit the scenery by picking lighter colors.

Colder seasons like winter require that the groom dresses black tie with plenty of layering to keep them warm during the ceremony and the party.

What Grooms Should Not Wear to a Wedding

Recent fashion trends for wedding attires allow for the groom to be creative in the choice of outfit he wears to the wedding. Thus, many grooms have channeled their inner fashionista skills towards styling wedding attires that are not so conventional.

However creative you may want to be, there are certain attires that are absolutely unacceptable for you to wear as the groom to the wedding. T-shirts or jeans especially ripped or washed jeans are unacceptable as outfits for tying the knots. Who would take your ‘I do’ seriously when you come dressed nonchalantly like that?

Besides it will be an uncomfortable contrast with what the bride would be wearing as she is most likely to have put in a lot towards ensuring that she looks fabulous. Do not be a spoilsport by dressing in a careless manner. If you do not feel like putting in so much effort towards the wedding attire, you could simply go for timeless outfits like the navy blue or black suit with black shoes to match.


It is not every day that you get to tie the nuptial knot with someone you love, so make every second of your wedding day count. Enjoy it to the fullest in an outfit that you are comfortable in but which is also pleasing to the eyes of your newly wedded partner and the camera of course.

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