Ultimate Men’s Dress Shoe Guide

Ultimate Men’s Dress Shoe Guide

Overcoming the complications of choosing the perfect shoes for your outfit. Gents! It’s all written here…

We know how footwear helps in defining the entire look. So many men today are indecisive when it comes to selecting the best footwear to complement the outfit. What color of shoes will be best for this outfit? What type of shoes should I wear with this expensive tux? Can I wear these loafers to the wedding? Lace or no lace?

All of these questions are stuck in our heads whenever it’s time to go outside. As a result of this uncertainty and indecisiveness, many men from around the world tend to pick their best shoes, and then use this pair with all of their outfits. It is important to know that shoes do not follow the one-size-fits-all concept. This is why different shoes are made for different outfits.

In selecting shoes, some factors are put into consideration. These factors will determine what types of shoes to wear. However, let’s shed more light on the types of shoes

Factors to Consider in Selecting the Right Footwear

Choosing the right footwear means opting for comfort, cost, and size. You shouldn’t use shoes that provide some levels of discomfort when walking or running. Your feet are important as they are the first parts of the body that touches the ground. This is why getting the right shoes is very important.

Also, dress shoes must complement the outfit. Some shoes are perfect for some outfits while others are just very wrong with the same outfit. With this, knowing what shoe is best for an outfit is a matter of compulsion and not of choice.

Generally, formal outfits require formal shoes. Don’t go around in a fancy tux while wearing a pair of chukka boots. Or using a pair of oxfords on a very casual jean outfit.

With this, let’s analyze the different types of dress shoes available.

Men’s Dress Shoe Types

There are many dress shoe types to choose from. Of the wide array of options, we analyze six of the best and most popular styles you can rock with your attires.


Loafers are distinct for their characteristic lack of laces or buckles. The typical loafer is a slip-on shoe with quite flat heels. This shoe type is popular for its role in fitting almost all forms of dresses. However, simpler and sleeker loafers are often used for formal occasions. For more casual events, loafers can be worn without socks. The versatility of loafers isn’t very effective as loafers can be very selective when it comes to complimenting outfits. Loafers are very fashionable and are capable of making a bold statement.


These shoes are the most preferred options for formal attires. These shoes are typically made of leather and a low non-rubber sole. One feature that can be used to differentiate these dress shoes from other types is the presence of closed lacing. This type of lacing adds more elegance to the pair. Generally, oxfords are the pinnacle shoes of men’s formal clothing. For oxfords, the sleeker the shoes, the more formal it is.

Derby Shoes

Just like oxfords, the derby shoe is also distinct for its lacing. Unlike oxford however, the lacing of derby shoes is made outside the shoe. This simply means that the flaps of derby shoes aren’t sewn together; instead, they are made to have an open look. Derby shoes are less formal than oxfords, but are the best options for smart and casual attires. In other words, a very formal attire, for a very formal event, will need a pair of oxfords, and not derby shoes. Together with oxford, derby shoes are the only laced shoes that support formal outfits.  Derby shoes are more versatile than oxfords. They can be comfortably worn with both suits and jeans.

Monk Straps

Monk straps cannot be mistaken for any other shoes. This is as a result of the buckles they possess. Like loafers, monk straps do not have laces. However, monk straps are closed, or fastened, with a leather strap attached to a metal buckle. With this, the leather strap can be opened before wearing and closed and tightened with the buckle after being worn. Monks can be worn on both formal and casual attires. However, this type of shoe is worn by men wanting to draw attention to their unique tastes.


Also known as wingtips, these shoes are distinct for their decorative stitches and perforations made at the top of it. In simpler terms, a leather dress shoe with decorations on it can be referred to as a brogue. These shoes can be used both formally and casually.

Chukka Boots

These ankle length boots are sleek and slim, with moderately high heels. Typically, these dress shoes are worn with dark pants. Dress boots are formal with fewer details and informal with more details. However, dress boots are better with casual outfits. They should not be paired with formal wear like suits and tuxedos. Looking for a classy, stylish, and corporate pair of shoes to give you that city and modern feeling, dress boots are spectacular choices.

No, sneakers aren’t included… sorry. These different shoe types are the best options for formal or semi-formal wear.

Combinations for Men’s Dress Shoes

Some perfect combinations for dress shoes are listed below.

Combinations for Men’s Dress Shoes

Loafers, chukka boots

Oxford, derbies, brogues, loafers, monk straps

Loafers, chukka boots

Loafers (with no socks), chukka boots

Loafers, oxford, derbies, brogues

Cost of Purchasing Dress Shoes

The price of dress shoes for men ranges between $50 to $300. If you need a pair of shoes that’ll last you for several years, adding a little extra money can get you just that. Generally, shoes with more quality will cost more than shoes with lesser quality. You can get them online and in stores.

You may not know this, but shoes can either make your look, or break your look. A flawless outfit becomes infected when paired with the wrong shoes. Wear an elegant and respectable look by pairing that glamorous suit with the best shoes.

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