Guide To Buying Your First Suit

Guide To Buying Your First Suit

Growing up we have to go through a lot of firsts. Your first word, your first step, and when you get much older it becomes a bit more serious. You get to pick your first apartment and then you get your first interview or your first job. Somewhere, during all these firsts, the need for your first suit will come up.

And while this might look simple, I mean you just have to walk into a store and pick a suit right? Wrong! Buying your first suit is a lot more complicated than that. There are several ways it could go wrong. Getting a suit that is too big for you is the most common mistake you can make. 

Aside from that, there are a slew of tiny elements that might make your first suit experience a minor nightmare. There are an almost infinite number of possibilities available, not to mention all the questions to ask and choices to make. And, like so many other memorable firsts in life, it’s tempting for men to overthink it and put a lot of pressure on themselves – after all, your first suit is something you’ll never forget. ​

That is probably why you are a nervous wreck and surfing through the internet hoping to find a clue or a bit of help. Well not to worry, you have come to the right place. Getting it right when buying your first suit is all about following rules and because these rules are not written anywhere and the internet can get a bit confusing, we decided to help you by providing you with the best comprehensive guide to choosing that suit that was meant just for you.

Some Rules For Picking Out Your First Suit

1. Know Your Budget

This is one of the most important factors to consider when getting your first suit. For most cases, if you are worried enough to be looking through the world wide web for advice on getting your first suit, then you probably do not have millions or even thousands to spare. So while you might want to purchase one of the custom-tailored suits from the big brands, your account balance won’t let you. You have to work with what you have and this means milking your money for all it’s worth. While you might not get a suit from all the big wigs, you can still get the best that your money can afford. That alone is a win.

2. Picking The Right Color and The Right Material

Because of your budget, it might not be a good idea to get a suit because you love the color. When choosing the color of your suit, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most important factors is versatility. Choose a suit color that allows for some flexibility. My favorites are a navy blue and a gray suit (but not too dark). Colors like these are serious enough for formal occasions but you can still dress down a bit when the need arises. Black suits are a no-no for your first suit. It has the least versatility among all the neutral colors.

Another factor to consider is accessories. Your suit should match your dress shoes. So if you already have some, it might be a good idea to get your suit in a matching color. 

When it comes to fabric, wool is usually the fabric of choice. It will serve you well and has the most longevity among other materials. However, it is okay to ask questions so you don’t end up getting a suit in a color or material that you don’t like and end up not wearing it.

3. Get The Right Fit

How your suit fits determines how good it looks on you. Yes, the price will determine the brand and the material. However, it is the fit that determines how good the suit will look on you. I have seen people pay thousands of dollars for suits that end up sitting on their bodies like a sack. And I have seen people get a suit for a couple of hundred and look like they were executive partners in a top-tier law firm.

Getting a jacket that is too big or too small is never a good idea. The ideal thing would be to get one with a close fit and drapes with elegance. Our advice would be to get one custom-made if you can afford it as this will be done with your exact measurement. However, there is the possibility that you won’t be able to get a custom-made suit and will have to go for one off the rack. If this is the case make sure you find one that fits perfectly.

And while you can adjust the sleeve and trouser length easily, it will be very difficult to adjust the shoulders, so if you are getting a suit and it does not fit around the shoulders it would be better to skip that suit and move on to the next one as shoulder alterations can be very expensive.


When getting your first suit, versatility is important. This also applies when you are picking a style for your new suit. For instance, while a double-breasted suit might look good, it doesn’t offer the versatility that single-breasted suits do. Also, when getting your first suit it is always a good idea to stick with the two buttoned suits. As it will look good for a lot of situations.

Other things you should look out for are the type of lapels (Notch lapels always work.), simple pockets, and a double vent. Look for a suit that is as simple as can be without becoming casual. When you consider all these factors then you are sure to pick out a stunning suit.


If you have followed the guideline that we have given you here, then you will no doubt pick out a stunning suit. You don’t have any other choice but to go out and stun the crowd with your new acquisition. You had a reason for getting a new suit, and with the suit you have picked, I am sure you will come out on top.

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