How Much Does A Good Tuxedo Cost

How Much Does A Good Tuxedo Cost

Gracing your wedding with an exquisite tux. All merits; no demerits!

 Weddings have metamorphosed into events of absolute elegance and grace. While the matrimonial joining of two individuals is the primary reason for weddings, ensuring full glamor of the occasion has become a thing of compulsion.

Let’s face it, the outfit of the groom is often overshadowed by that of the bride. This is because people are more closely drawn to dresses that scream royalty and not to regular tuxes. However, it is important to know that the groom’s outfit is equally important as that of the bride. This is why your wedding tux should be elegant just as your bride’s Cinderella dress. After all, it’s your big day too; the special day you’ve always anticipated.

So, the question remains; how much do tuxedos cost? Before we answer this question, let’s ask ourselves another question; why are tuxes important and why all the hype? Let’s answer this lingering question first.

Tuxedos Over Suits? Yes!

People are often confused when it comes to stating the differences between tuxedos and suits. In very simple words, a tux is a classier and more stylish version of a suit. Suits are for everyday businesses. However, tuxes are only worn to special or formal events like weddings, dinners, award shows, balls, etc. With this, the appearance of tuxes can be easily pictured in our imaginations. That suit you see people on TV wear, that makes them look elegant and glamorous. Yes, that’s a tux; not a suit.

Why Tuxes Are Important for Your Big Day

In the United States, about 96% of intending couples are keen on purchasing a wedding tux for their big day. This staggering number can be attributed to the culture of the typical Western wedding. However, this large number of tux buyers isn’t just because of culture; tuxedo adds more to the occasion than portraying the culture of Western weddings. Some importance of tuxes includes:

It Honors the Occasion

The overall look and feel of tuxes make them the perfect attire for a wedding. Not only do tuxes help you look better, they also tend to honor the prestigious occasion and its importance to you. Every detail matters.

It Offers a Stylish Fit for The Groom

Outfits for weddings are now very fashion oriented. With this, grooms tend to find the most stylish, most slim-fitting, and the most glamorous tuxedos for their weddings. Wedding tuxedos have the most structured look that appear very sleek and modern. This is why grooms show up looking like they own the Gucci clan. With this, tuxes remain the best options for grooms looking for elegance, style, luxury, respect and comfort. And after all, suits are for work, while tuxedos are for weddings.

It Sets You Apart from The Crowd

One thing you do not want on your wedding day is wearing a matching outfit with a guest. This is why tuxedos are distinct from suits. While suits can be worn on literally any occasion, tuxes are made specially for special events like weddings. With this, dressing apart is key. A guest should see you and should be able to tell that you are the groom. A stylishly fit tux will do the trick.

It Complements Your Bride’s Wedding Dress

A tuxedo is just what will complement the dress of your wife. A suit will make you look like her bodyguard and not her groom. This is why a well-dressed groom and a well-dressed bride will give a picture-perfect setting.

It is important to know that wearing what makes you happy is very important. This means that tuxes, while very important to a wedding, aren’t determinants for the occasion of marriage. Feel free to dress the way you and your bride intend to, without fear of any kind.

With this, we can now analyze the cost of tuxedos; How expensive are they? What does it take to purchase one? And are there any alternatives to purchasing a tux?

Price of a Wedding Tux

The price of wedding tuxedos varies on a large scale. However, the primary factor, as regards the price of a wedding tux, is deciding if you’re opting for full purchase, or simply renting it.

Typically, the average price of renting a tux is $200. Renting a tux is good if you know that only the big day will see the tux on you. It serves no use if after the wedding, you dump it in a closet for like 20 years, absorbing dust and loneliness. With this going for rental is a good choice.

However, if you know that you’d use the tux again after the wedding, then full purchase is your best bet. You might be a person who attends formal events quite often, or simply don’t care spending more on purchasing a tux. In buying a wedding tuxedo, you would have to be ready to spend more. The cost of buying a tux starts from $500 or $1000, and can go even higher… way higher.

The price could increase when you are going for a bespoke wedding tux. Bespoke tuxedos are tuxes made specifically for you and you only. They are made from scratch, and stitched with the hand; no machines. This means that the tuxes are made, following your specifications and descriptions. With this, the price could go as high as $5000.

Conclusion To Buying a Wedding Tux

Buying a tux becomes a very good investment when you plan on wearing it to other formal events in the future. However, it becomes a bad investment if you buy it, and after the wedding, dump it in the basement.

Weddings sometimes can be very expensive. You spend money on getting a venue, cakes, champagne, food, priest, etc. With this, getting a good wedding tux should be the least of your worries. If you’re on a budget, inexpensive but exquisite tuxes are in stores.  In the United States, tuxes are quite easy to get so where to buy shouldn’t be a problem.

In choosing a wedding tux, it is important to consider the fit, the fabric, the color, the season, the lapels, and of course the buttons. The buttons are important for easy fastening…obviously. A signature classic tux has a two-button suit jacket. Of the two buttons, only the top button needs to be fastened. And no, we do not know why or how this button fastening technique became part of humans.

Gracing your big day with a good tuxedo is important. This is why you ought to opt for what you feel is best for you. And remember to speak with a designer, a wedding planner, or someone you know has some good ideas on tuxes in general. Sometimes, they know what’s best for you.

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