What Is A Bespoke Suit?

What Is A Bespoke Suit?

What Is A Bespoke Suit?

What Is A Bespoke Suit?

Getting a suit made exactly how you want it. Why does it make perfect sense?

In today’s society, the word “bespoke” is often used for describing things made in line with the exact specifications of an individual. With this, you hear of bespoke cakes, bespoke cars, bespoke cocktails, bespoke furniture, etc. However, it is important to know that the term “bespoke”, was originally intended for custom tailor-made suits. This is why when we hear of the word bespoke, we think of clothing.

The Concept of Bespoke Clothing

Bespoke clothing is custom-made clothing. This means that any clothing made to the exact specifications of a buyer, is bespoke clothing. This type of clothing is crafted from scratch and cut, following the pattern of choice of the customer or buyer. With this, bespoke clothing is regarded as a direct opposite to ready-to-wear clothing. In modern times, bespoke has become a redefining structure for men’s clothing. Of the custom-made clothing available, bespoke suits have become very popular, owing to its complicated but made-to-perfect structure.

The Specialty of Bespoke Suit

Most times, we find ourselves asking for some sort of adjustments when we purchase suits from stores or online; the sleeve length of the tux is either exaggerated, or the pants just don’t seem to look good on us. Since time immemorial, suits have been the choice of all the stylish men you’ve seen or read about.

From the signature skin tight hose of Vincenzo Gonzaga, the tailcoats of Beau Brummell, to the patterned shirts and blazers of Max Ernst, Bespoke suits have been in existence since as far back as the 18th century. When finding the perfect size becomes extra difficult, bespoke suiting has proven to be the pinnacle of solution to this lingering problem of finding the perfect size.

It is not just about the size. Sometimes, you just want a particular blend of color, or a specific style. With bespoke suits, you can get your imaginations transformed into reality. This is what makes bespoke suiting a big deal.

How Bespoke Suits Are Made

In making custom suits, a tailor, who is also an excellent craftsman, is needed. This is because bespoke clothing requires a great deal of accuracy and precision in the design and size. As a matter of fact, bespoke suits are suits tailored to your body, and customized in accordance with your imaginations. Let’s look at it this way; imagine being told to produce a pink ice sculpture of a flamingo, standing on one foot, with its wings spread widely. Now, this design is very specific and as such, must be handled with utmost care. In making this sculpture, you have to ensure that the ice is pink, and that the flamingo is doing just what the customer requested. The same applies to a tailor handing a bespoke suit.

It Offers a Stylish Fit for The Groom

Outfits for weddings are now very fashion oriented. With this, grooms tend to find the most stylish, most slim-fitting, and the most glamorous tuxedos for their weddings. Wedding tuxedos have the most structured look that appear very sleek and modern. This is why grooms show up looking like they own the Gucci clan. With this, tuxes remain the best options for grooms looking for elegance, style, luxury, respect and comfort. And after all, suits are for work, while tuxedos are for weddings.

Step-by- Step Processes in Making a Bespoke Suit

Step 1: Fabrics

Fabrics are the foundations of clothing. The type of fabric used in bespoke suits is very important. Typically, a bespoke tailor will suggest the best fabrics to use for a custom suit. You can select the fabric yourself if the fabric type is part of your requirement. The design and color of the fabric is given due consideration while selecting a fabric. From silk to cashmere, linen to wool, there are a variety of fabrics to choose from in making a bespoke suit.

Step 2: Measurement

As stated earlier, making a bespoke suit requires excellent skills. During measurement, utmost precision and accuracy is a necessity. After selecting the fabric, the bespoke tailor will take precise measurements of your body, and then jot the measurement down, to be used when cutting and designing the piece of clothing. This is one of the reasons that make bespoke suits unique. Unlike ready-to-wear suits, bespoke suits are made to suit you and only you. If it fits another person, it simply means you have the exact measurements as that individual.

Step 3: Cutting and structuring

After measurements, the fabric is cut into the desired design of the client. The architect of your suit is the cutter, and this person will cut the fabric into bits, that when brought together, will give a single piece of exquisite design.

Step 4: Stitching the bits into a single piece

After cutting the fabric, the bits are taken to the “master tailor.” This tailor will give the suit its shape and form. With this, many pieces of cuts are stitched together, and the suit gets its characteristic shape. This process will take a while because bespoke suits are stitched with the hand, and not with machines.

Step 5: Applying finishes

This is the final step in making a bespoke suit. In this step, a finisher applies all finishes to the suit. These finishes are fastened with the hands. Buckles, button-holes, badges, buttons, mosaics, etc., are examples of finishes.


Bespoke suits will usually require more costs, owing to its complicated crafting process. After all, who wouldn’t pay to get the best results.

Conclusion: Benefits of Bespoke Suiting

Bespoke suiting offers a wide array of benefits. These benefits include:

It gives the perfect fit

Bespoke suits give the best fit for you. They do not operate on the basis of one size fits all. Not only do they offer the perfect size, they also fit your specific build and posture.

Follows your exact style

Opting for bespoke suits will give you exactly what you want as regards design. You do not have to go into the store, trying to find the design you have in mind. All you have to do is talk to your tailor, and the exact replica of your imagination is brought to life.

Offers exceptional quality

Bespoke suits allow you to choose the fabric you want. With this, you are given the choice of selecting the fabric of the best quality and extreme sophistication.

It gives an impression of success and elegance

Generally, bespoke suits tend to radiate the feeling of grace and goodwill. When you wear a bespoke suit, people see you through a different lens. Sometimes, wearing a bespoke suit will make others take you seriously, when proposing a business, or going for an interview.

 So, if you desire personalization, perfect fit, impression of success, and exceptional quality in your suits, bespoke suits are the best options for you.

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