Valentine’s Day Tips For Gentlemen

Valentine’s Day Tips For Gentlemen

Why the fourteenth day of every February shouldn’t be dreadful for gentlemen like us.

During Valentine, so many men are keen on making lasting impressions on that new girl. Or perhaps trying the “best they can” in keeping a current partner. While it is true that this day is a chance to step up your romance game, it becomes tiring when we see the extent some men go just to prove a point. So much time, and so much money is spent, that after this day, you’d often find yourself, staring at your bank balance, making regrets and trying to make lifestyle changes to adjust to cash deficit.


Helpful Tips For Men On Valentine’s Day

This is the day set before us. How do we go about it? You want to get the most of Valentine’s Day, follow these tips to get the best results.

Don’t Be Limited by Money

The pressure that comes with Valentine’s Day often makes a lot of guys get caught up in doing the most expensive things. The creativity of so many guys out there is limited to the amount of money in their wallets. With this, they are keen on reserving spots at the fanciest and most expensive restaurants, buying the biggest gifts, booking two first-class tickets to the Bahamas, etc.

After all these, they are left with the awful task of grimacing at their broken bank account. This is why creativity shouldn’t be dependent on how much money you have. Sometimes, the smallest gifts will make the most impact on the special person. Purchasing their favorite ice cream could put a wider smile on their face than renting an entire cinema for them. If you can afford it, then do it. If not, don’t freight; instead, do what you can, but stay creative.

Go With A Well Planned Strategy and Be Ready to Improvise

 Indecisiveness sucks. On Valentine’s Day, you should know what to do. If you plan on going for a date, you have to be sure of where you want it. Is it a restaurant? Is it a park? Or perhaps it’s at the movies. Regardless, you should have a well-planned strategy and not be in a state of indecisiveness or uncertainty. Sometimes, the plan isn’t successful. Your reservation could be canceled, or your tires might be deflated.

At this point, you should be ready to improvise. When making plans, endeavor to come up with the worst scenarios, and how you can overcome these scenarios. While life itself could be unpredictable, plans are not exempted. With this, you should be willing to make last-minute decisions or try something new, when unprecedented incidents occur.

Know What They Like

During Val’s day, it is important to know what your partner likes. Knowing what they like means getting something in line with their desires, and not out of context. For example, if your partner fancies Italian foods, gifting her with a home-made Italian delicacy should be considered. Sometimes, giving them the massage they’ve always wanted could be a good bet. If you do not know what they like, you can make speculations about their lifestyle and preferences. With this, you can get them what they are drawn to.

Be Courageous

Making your intentions known is paramount. You shouldn’t waste your time, setting up a romantic date for a person who sees you as only a friend. Don’t be afraid of telling them just how you feel. This is why you ought to be courageous and brave. So many guys will rather let things flow rather than make their intentions clear.

With this, they spend a lot of time trying to communicate their feelings in an indirect way. Life is too short to spend a huge chunk of it trying to communicate your feelings in an indirect way. Talk about your feelings towards the person and if they do not feel the same way, backing off would be great.

Conclusion: Be Happy and Comfortable

Valentine’s Day is a period choked with so much pressure. You walk on the streets, and you see vendors, wooing you to purchase colognes and flowers for that special person. However, none of these should scare you. Endeavor to be comfortable with all your decisions; do not make any decision out of fear or pressure. One more thing; if you aren’t happy with it, then don’t do it. It’s that simple.

The Feast of Saint Valentine is a time to share love. So, if you have the chance to celebrate this special day, you should make the most of it and ensure to spread love. Not just romantically, but to everyone that needs it.

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