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The South Premium Outlets Team

We have been serving Las Vegas with mens suits since 2005.  Las Vegas South Premium is home for one of the Vercini locations in Las Vegas.

Vercini at Las Vegas South Premium Outlets


Sunday                                   11AM–7PM
Monday                                10AM – 8PM
Tuesday                                10AM – 8PM
Wednesday                          10AM – 8PM
Thursday                              10AM – 8PM
Friday                                    10AM – 8PM
Saturday                              10AM – 8PM


7400 Las Vegas Blvd S #12
Las Vegas Nv





Vercini mens suits at South Premium Outlets

In 2005 Vercini opened it’s first location in Las Vegas and has focused on helping men dress their best. The way a man dresses is a reflection of how he feels, when he is wearing casual clothing-he feels casual, but when a man wears a suit with the perfect fit or a sport jacket on a casual day it can have a boost in confidence. Vercini is dedicated to helping you improve your wardrobe.

We currently have 7 locations to serve your needs for men suits in Las Vegas. Our staff is well trained to assist you in finding the right suit for your needs. We help you take the stress of finding the right suit for your wedding, finding the right suit for your business meeting or the right tuxedo for that special formal event. We carry from size 34S to 60L in men suits

We offer tailoring services for your convenience at all of our locations. With expert tailors and over 20+ years of experience there is no job we can’t handle. The look you want can be achieved with a bit of tailoring for the proper custom fit suit. Your suit is pressed and brushed-ready to wear before you leave the store.

Your mens suit shopping experience is made simple here at Vercini. We invite you to visit us and trust in us to help you change the way you look and like it. Visit Vercini at the South Premium Outlets or call us today at 702-616-0016.