How Should A Suit Fit

How Should A Suit Fit

A good suit is an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. You want a well-fitting and comfortable suit that can be worn for work, attending weddings and other formal occasions. A well-fitting suit is essential when it comes to dressing up as a gentleman. The right fit can make all the difference in making sure that every detail from dress shirt cufflinks down to belt buckle shines on occasion without being overbearing or flashy. For men who are looking for versatility (or just want their closet stocked!), there’s no better option than getting one suit that has the perfect fit.


The Suit Jacket

The first thing to know about how a suit should fit is how the shoulders should fit. The seam of the shoulders should stop where the curve to your arm begins. the material should sit against your
shoulder without the material pulling or wrinkling. The next thing to know is how the waist area of the jacket should fit around your body. The lapel should lay flat against your body, either buttoned or unbuttoned. The back of the jacket should not pull up too high on your lower spine. When the jacket is buttoned , it should lie flat on your stomach, without pulling up and creating an X at the button and the jacket waistband should not pull up too high on your stomach.

The Suit Sleeves

Second is to make sure the sleeves should touch your wrists, as with a suit you can also wear it to where you are most comfortable some people like it longer some like it shorter,
but the modern style is to stop at the wrist. If the sleeve is covering up to your knuckles it is soo long and if its sitting more than 1 inch above your wrist it is too short.
Some prefer to have it shorter to show of certain jewelry that is worn on the wrists like a watch or bracelet.


The Suit Pants

The pants at the waist should be on the natural waistline of your body. The pants should not be too tight as to make you uncomfortable or so loose that it is falling,
if the legs are too tight you risk ripping the seams while being worn and you will have trouble putting the pants on since your foot will get stuck at the bottom of the pants.
When wearing a belt it should not be too loose or it will cause visible lines in the front of your pants. The length should stop at the top of your shoe or just above to give a slight break.
Your own style can be mixed in and make them a bit shorter if you want to go with a more modern look.

The Dress Shirt

The neckline, sleeves and body of the shirt should be comfortable without being too tight. There shouldn’t be a gap between your neck and the top button when a tie worn.
The sleeve of the shirt should be longer than your jacket sleeve with about 1/2 inch of your shirt going past it. To keep your dress shirt tucked in you can wear shirt garters that attach to your socks
to help you keep the shirt tucked in when you move around.



We’ve covered some of the main things to consider when buying a suit.
You want to buy something that is well-made and fits your body type correctly so you don’t have any discomfort
or issues with movement. When it comes time for your next purchase, be sure to take these considerations into
consideration before making a decision on what’s right for you! View our Men’s suit collection here if you’re looking
for more information about how one might go about purchasing their new favorite article of clothing. We offer many
styles in different colors and fabrics at affordable prices;
come see us today!

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