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Vercini Opulent Red Tuxedo Blaze

Vercini Opulent Red Tuxedo Blaze

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Description: Presenting the Vercini Opulent Red Tuxedo Blazer – the epitome of luxurious style and bold elegance. This blazer stands as a symbol of sartorial excellence, perfect for those special occasions where making a statement is not just a choice, but a necessity.

  • Material: Fabricated with a high-quality blend that offers a subtle sheen with an eye-catching sprinkle effect, giving it a unique and festive appearance.
  • Design: Featuring a rich velvet lapel for a touch of opulence, paired with matching velvet-trimmed pockets and button details, this blazer exudes a classic charm with a contemporary flair.
  • Features: Cut in a modern slim fit, it accentuates the wearer’s physique, ensuring a sharp and stylish silhouette.
  • Care Instructions: The blazer should be treated with care and is strictly dry clean only to preserve its elegance and intricate detailing.

E-commerce Attributes

  • Product Type: Tuxedo Blazer
  • Brand: Vercini
  • Country of Manufacture: Turkey

Variation Names

  1. Regal Velvet Accent - Opulent Red

Tags: Vercini, Red Blazer, Tuxedo, Velvet Details, Luxury Attire, Evening Wear, Men's Fashion, Exclusive


Titolo: Blazer Tuxedo Rosso Opulento Vercini

Descrizione: Il Blazer Tuxedo Rosso Opulento Vercini è un'icona di stile lussuoso.

  • Materiale: Tessuto di alta qualità con effetto luccicante.
  • Design: Revers in velluto e dettagli raffinati.
  • Caratteristiche: Taglio slim fit per una silhouette definita.
  • Istruzioni per la Cura: Solo lavaggio a secco per mantenere la qualità e i dettagli.

Attributi E-commerce

  • Tipo di Prodotto: Blazer Tuxedo
  • Marca: Vercini
  • Paese di Produzione: Turchia

Nomi delle Varianti

  1. Accento in Velluto Regale - Rosso Opulento

Tag: Vercini, Blazer Rosso, Tuxedo, Dettagli in Velluto, Abbigliamento di Lusso, Abito da Sera, Moda Uomo, Esclusivo


Título: Blazer Tuxedo Rojo Opulento de Vercini

Descripción: El Blazer Tuxedo Rojo Opulento de Vercini es un referente de elegancia y lujo.

  • Material: Tejido de alta calidad con efecto brillante.
  • Diseño: Solapas de terciopelo y detalles elegantes.
  • Características: Corte slim fit que realza la figura.
  • Instrucciones de Cuidado: Limpieza en seco exclusivamente para conservar su belleza y detalles.

Atributos de E-commerce

  • Tipo de Producto: Blazer Tuxedo
  • Marca: Vercini
  • País de Fabricación: Turquía

Nombres de Variantes

  1. Acento de Terciopelo Real - Rojo Opulento

Etiquetas: Vercini, Blazer Rojo, Tuxedo, Detalles de Terciopelo, Atuendo de Lujo, Vestimenta de Noche, Moda Masculina, Exclusivo



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