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Vercini Comfort-Flex® Premium Slim Fit Suit

Vercini Comfort-Flex® Premium Slim Fit Suit

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Redefine Your Style with Unmatched Comfort

Description: Embrace the perfect blend of style and comfort with the Vercini Premium Comfort-Flex Suit. Designed with the modern man in mind, this suit offers a sleek silhouette without compromising on comfort. The revolutionary 6-way stretch fabric, reminiscent of the ease of joggers, guarantees freedom of movement and an impeccable fit. Available exclusively at Vercini locations, choose your expression from six classic colors: Black, Gray, Navy Blue, Cream, Lavender, and White.

Technical Description:

  • Material Composition: Crafted with a luxurious blend of 62% Rayon for a silky-smooth finish, 33% Nylon for durability, and 5% Spandex to ensure maximum flexibility.
  • Model: Slim Fit - A tailored cut that flatters the physique while providing room for movement.
  • Lining: Tetron Viscose - A high-quality lining that offers breathability and comfort.
  • Care Instructions: Dry clean only, preserving the pristine condition of the suit.
  • Origin: Made in Turkey, ensuring premium craftsmanship.
  • Style: Contemporary design with a versatile range, perfect for various occasions.
  • Available Sizes: 44 EU (34 US) to 64 EU (54 US), catering to a comprehensive range of body types.

Italian: Nome del prodotto: Abito Vercini Premium Comfort-Flex Slogan: Riscopri il tuo stile con un comfort ineguagliabile Breve descrizione: Scegli l'abito Vercini Premium Comfort-Flex per un connubio perfetto di stile e comodità. Disponibile in sei colori classici e venduto esclusivamente nelle boutique Vercini. Descrizione tecnica: Materiale di composizione mista con 62% Rayon, 33% Nylon e 5% Spandex. Modello Slim Fit con fodera in Tetron Viscosa. Solo lavaggio a secco. Prodotto in Turchia. Taglie disponibili: dalla 44 EU alla 64 EU.

Spanish: Nombre del producto: Traje Vercini Premium Comfort-Flex Eslogan: Redefine tu estilo con una comodidad sin igual Descripción corta: Elige el traje Vercini Premium Comfort-Flex, la mezcla perfecta de estilo y comodidad. Disponible en seis colores clásicos y a la venta exclusivamente en tiendas Vercini. Descripción técnica: Composición de material mezclado con 62% Rayón, 33% Nailon y 5% Spandex. Modelo Slim Fit con forro de Tetron Viscosa. Solo limpieza en seco. Hecho en Turquía. Tallas disponibles: de la 44 EU a la 64 EU.

Attributes and Variation

  • Colors: Black Elegance, Graphite Gray, Navy Prestige, Ivory Cream, Lavender Charm, Pristine White
  • Sizes: Triple Extra Small (3XS), Double Extra Small (2XS), Extra Small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL), Double Extra Large (2XL), Triple Extra Large (3XL), Quadruple Extra Large (4XL), Quintuple Extra Large (5XL).
  • Style Code: 3SU02
  • Model: Slim Fit
  • Fit Type: Comfort-Flex
  • Material Tag: Exclusive Blend
  • Care Label: Dry Clean Premier
  • Production: Crafted in Turkey

Tags and Keywords:

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